PNP Summons Warring Factions – Burke

PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, says the party’s top brass will be summoning warring factions in the constituencies of embattled St. Elizabeth-first term MPs, Raymond Pryce and Hugh Buchanan.

On Sunday, the Police intervened as supporters of Pryce and his challenger, businessman Evon Redman engaged in a bitter clash that almost became physical.

That incident occurred at a divisional conference in Mr. Pryce’s, North East St. Elizabeth constituency.

There were also hostile exchanges among PNP supporters in South West St. Elizabeth where Buchanan is being challenged by Ewan Stephenson.

The angry exchanges at Goshen High School in Pryce’s constituency intensified despite a number of pleas for calm from some senior comrades.

As hostilities showed no sign of abating, police personnel formed a human barrier in front of the platform where MP Pryce and Cabinet Minister, Lisa Hanna were stationed.

Hanna, who’s also facing major problems in her South East St. Ann constituency, was the main speaker.

Paul Burke says the confrontation among PNP supporters at Goshen High and fierce exchanges in Hugh Buchanan’s constituency, are cause for concern.

He says the key players will be summoned.

Meantime .. at the conference in his constituency, Mr. Buchanan who’s the son of the late PNP Cabinet Minister, Danny Buchanan, gave notice that he fears no one, as supporters of Ewan Stephenson, demanded that he step aside.

Buchanan was booed. But the fired up first term MP insisted that he’d not back down.

Paul Burke is appealing for calm.

Member of Parliament for North West Manchester, Mikael Phillips, also came under pressure when he appealed to the warring PNP factions in South West St. Elizabeth not to behave like ‘puss and dog’.

Phillips, who’s the son of Finance Minister and PNP veteran Dr. Peter Phillips, made a passionate appeal for unity as the feuding party supporters told him to leave the platform.

One thought on “PNP Summons Warring Factions – Burke

  1. dukeofearle

    This kind of behavior does not surprise me, this is what they were taught to do, both the JLP / PNP are responsible for the division of these UNEDUCTED Truck back, bus and Car window follower’s, they are paid to attend most of these function, as such they have do what they are paid to do. Most follower’s of both Political party have no responsibility or self discipline as such anything is expected.

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