PNP VP Mikhael Phillips Issues Apology for Controversial Remarks


PNP Vice President, Mikhael Phillips, has issued an apology after he received strong backlash for controversial remarks he made on the political platform on the weekend.

In a statement today, Mr. Phillips notes that the remarks were made during a presentation to constituents at the public session of his North West Manchester constituency conference.

According to Mr. Phillips, in describing the enthusiastic support for the PNP, he made remarks that North West Manchester will never go into the hands of the JLP.

He also said the PNP, under his watch will continue to work hard towards the further development of the constituency.

According to Mr. Phillips, if that statement was interpreted as derogatory to his political opponents and generally offensive to others, he’s expressing regret.

Mr. Phillips says he would like to apologize for any offence that his presentation may have caused.

This is the statement made by Mr. Phillips which resulted in him finding himself in hot water with the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, some members of the public and an affiliate group of the governing JLP, Generation 2000, G2K.

Mikhael Phillips,  PNP Vice President and Member of Parliament for North West Manchester.

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