PNP Women’s Movement Declares Pro-Choice Stance On Abortion


The People’s National Party Women’s Movement, is the latest group to come out in support of a woman’s right to choose have an abortion.

President of the PNP’s Women’s Movement, Jennifer Edwards, says they’ll be making a parliamentary submission on Wednesday.

The group yesterday ratified its position on abortion and will also be seeking Parliament’s support to amend the Offences Against the Persons Act to allow women to choose.

Ms. Edwards says while abortion must never be seen as a contraceptive, women must be given the right to legitimate abortions.

Neika Lewis reports.

Ms Edwards says since 2013 the group agreed it would seek to amend the act to allow women the right to safe abortions, but nothing happened in Parliament till recently.

She says the decision to terminate a pregnancy should be guided by a medical opinion.

Edwards says the group will be making its submission to the Parliament on Wednesday.

But she says what’s clear is that that piece of legislation is out dated and needs to be amended.

Neika Lewis is an award-winning journalist with over 7 years of experience across radio, tv and the print media. A CARIMAC alum, Neika copped the Prime Minister’s Youth award for journalism in 2017. Her reporting on a Jamaican pilot incarcerated in Qatar in 2015 led to his release. Neika hunts for human interest stories.

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