Police Accuse ‘Compensation Seekers’ of Making Up Human Rights Abuses in St James


The Police are accusing persons who’ve been detained under the State of Public Emergency in St James of making up stories of human rights abuses in the hope they’ll receive compensation from the government.

Appropriate Officer for the State of Public Emergency in the parish, Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP, Ainsley McCarthy, leveled the accusation during an interview on Nationwide: This Morning with Dennis Brooks and Kalilah Reynolds.

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During an interview last Friday on Nationwide with Kemesha Kelly and Franklin McKnight, two persons who were detained under the special security measure in St James, painted a grim picture of life inside the detention centre in the parish.

Public Defender, Arlene Harrison-Henry, in a report to Parliament’s Internal and External Affairs Committee, said the detainees were being held in conditions that breached their human rights.

The Police have strongly denied that charge.

Meanwhile, DSP McCarthy is also denying claims by some detainees that they were not allowed to use the restrooms at the detention facility.

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In the meantime, an attorney at law who represents some of the detainees in the State of Public Emergency in St James, says he’s offended by the Deputy Superintendent’s comments.

Isat Buchanan says the conditions that detainees are experiencing in the State of Public Emergency, are unconstitutional. And he says they should be compensated.

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He also dismissed Justice Minister Delroy Chuck’s apology last week to the detainees. Mr Buchanan says that’s not enough.

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