Police Confident They have SOLID Case Against Uchence Gang

The Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, says it’s built a very solid case against the Uchence gang.

The JCF’s Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, CTOC, revealed yesterday that it’s arrested 25 members of the gang. And, that includes a member of the JCF.

Head of CTOC, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Fitz Bailey, says the police have collaborated with senior prosecutors to build the case.

ACP Bailey says the gang has stolen over $400-million worth of property. He says the Financial Investigations Division, FID, is also probing the gang’s finances.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police also outlined how the Uchence gang carried out their various acts of terror.

In the meantime, ACP Bailey says the gang has also managed to corrupt some staff members at Tax Administration Jamaica, TAJ.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police was asked to react to the arrest of one of his colleagues among the thugs nabbed in the crackdown on the Uchence gang. He says it’s unfortunate.

ACP Bailey says the top brass of JCF is presently discussing and designing a strategy to address gangs in St. James.

Residents of Retrieve, Cambridge, Glendevon, Retirement and other communities of St. James, are being held under siege by violent gun-toting gangsters.

The St. James Police have also complained of being shot at by gangsters while conducting operations in some of these communities.


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