Police Crack 5-Parish Animal Stealing Ring

The police say they’ve arrested two men who’re believed to be part of a major animal-stealing ring operating across five parishes.

The police took the two men into custody on Monday on suspicion of larceny of cattle and breaches of the Public Health Act. They say they’re looking for another man who reportedly escaped capture during the operation.

In a statement yesterday, the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, says the men were arrested by officers carrying out anti-praedial larceny and special operations on Waltham Park Road in Kingston 11.

The officer spearheading the operation, Sergeant Damion Harry, says the animal stealing ring operates in St. Ann, St. Thomas, Clarendon, St. Catherine and Manchester.

Reports are the team carried out operations in the area when both men were held with ten knitted bags.

The bags contained what appeared to be beef and other meat reportedly weighing approximately 1,300 pounds. The police say the meats were inspected and disposed of by personnel from the Kingston and St. Andrew Public Health Department.

Sergeant Harry is imploring the public to only buy meat that’s stamped and approved by public health inspectors.


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