Police Dismiss Reports of ‘Madman’ Stealing Uniform


The St. Elizabeth Police are dismissing previous reports that a man believed to be of unsound mind stole a police uniform from the Junction Police station guard room and was conducting traffic checks.

It’s alleged that after the uniform was stolen the man was seen conducting traffic checks in the rural community of Red Bank in the parish. The alleged incident happened last week in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Head of the St. Elizabeth Police, Superintendent Catherine Lord, says previous reports that the guardroom was unmanned when the items were stolen are not true.

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She says the items which did not include a police uniform were stolen from the dorms at about 4 am.

Superintendent Lord explained that the Junction Police station is situated on a plaza in the town centre.

This, she says gave the man believed to be mentally ill easy access to the second floor of the building.

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Superintendent Lord says there’s no evidence to support claims that the man who stole the items was carrying out traffic checks in his community.

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In the meantime, the man at the epicentre of the controversy is in his early twenties and is presently at the Black River hospital receiving medical treatment.

Superintendent Lord says he’s very familiar with the Junction Police and would’ve been assisted by them on previous occasions.

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