Police Encouraging Relatives to Bring Clothes for St James Detainees

The Freeport Police in St. James have appealed to relatives of individuals being detained to take items of clothing to that facility today between 8AM to 10AM.

But up to news time, the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) could not say if there was an extension since the statement was released after 8 this morning.

Since the declaration of the State of Public Emergency in St James, more than 197 persons have been taken into custody by the security forces.

It’s reported that on Sunday, January 21 at about 1PM, several persons who are not relatives of detainees rushed to the Freeport Police Station.
The CCU says some persons attempted to gain unlawful access to a section of the facility used to house the detainees.

It says the visitors became boisterous and were forced to leave the station compound because of the open hostility.

Lawmen have since renewed their appeal to relatives of persons in custody to cooperate and take at least one change of clothing for their relatives to the Freeport Police Station.

Inspector Dian Bartley says the Police has an obligation to uphold the human rights and preserve the human dignity of every individual in its custody.

She further encouraged that relatives of detainees may seek the assistance of Legal Aid representatives whose services are made available through the Ministry of Justice and the Cornwall Bar Association.