Police Exploring Several Possible Motives Behind Mickolle Moulton’s Murder

The police are probing several theories in connection with the killing of 17-year old Meadowbrook High school graduate, Mickolle Moulton.

Nationwide News understands that among the theories being investigated is whether a family feud may have resulted in the murder which has triggered national outrage.

Police High Command sources say word reaching the police is that money was sent by family members overseas to Mickolle’s mother, Nikeisha Howell.

The money was intended to help fund a funeral.

According to the PNP constituency caretaker for South St. Andrew, Senator Mark Golding, Howell’s mother died three weeks ago.

It’s understood some family members have been accusing Miss Howell of not using the money to finance the funeral expenses.

The High Command sources say information reaching the Police is that a close male family member of Howell told her a number of times that she’d be harmed if the money was not paid back.

In the days leading up to her daughter’s murder last Sunday morning, Howell had reportedly abandoned her room and decided to sleep in a settee in another section of her apartment in Zimbabwe, Arnett Gardens.

On the day Mickolle was shot dead and her 12 her year old sister injured, Mickolle was reportedly sleeping in the room which was usually occupied by her mother.

It’s understood that among the angles being pursued by investigators is whether the gunshots which took Mickolle’s life were in fact meant for her mother.

Commanding Officer for the Kingston West Police, Superintendent Howard Chambers, told our news center this afternoon that no concrete information has been received to confirm that the family feud is what caused Mickolle’s murder.

However, he says the police are aware of the information and the investigation could head in that direction.

Earlier this week, Police Commissioner, George Quallo, said the JCF had ‘no facts’ to support reports in sections of the media that the police believe that Mickolle was killed because she’d rejected sexual advances of men in the community.

Residents of the community have also disputed those claims.

When contacted today about claims that a family feud may’ve caused her daughter to lose her life, Miss Howell said she’d not comment.

Superintendent Chambers says several statements have been collected by the Police.

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