Police Federation Calls for Prof Harriot’s Resignation from PCOA

The Jamaica Police Federation is calling for the resignation of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority, PCOA, Chairman Professor Anthony Harriott.

The Federation is calling for the PCOA chairman’s head because it’s contending he made ‘erroneous and disparaging’ comments about members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

The comments causing concern for the Federation were published in a Gleaner article headlined “Chop MOCA from toxic JCF. The story was published late last month.

In a statement yesterday, the Police Federation called for a retraction and an apology from Professor Harriot. According to the statement, the referenced article said the JCF is a place where ‘you take the car and you go off and drink rum and do no investigation.’

The Police Federation says such statements serve to further marginalize and demoralize the already overburdened members of the JCF.

Police Federation Chairman, Sergeant Cecil McCalla, says it’s alarming that an entity such as the PCOA would make false claims against the JCF. He says 87-percent of the staff at the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA, are police personnel.

Sergeant McCalla says Professor Harriot’s comments will erode the cordial working relationship that exists between the JCF and the PCOA.


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