Police Federation & Security Minister Condemn Murder of Westmoreland Cop


The Jamaica Police Federation and Minister of National Security are condemning the murder of a police constable in Westmoreland on Sunday night.

Forty-one-year-old Constable Rohan Bucknor was at a barbershop in the Petersfield community when gunmen attacked him and shot him several times.

Buckner was assigned to the Little London Police Station.

Chairman of the Police Federation, Corporal Arleen McBean says there’s a calculated attack on law and order within the society, where scant regard is shown for human life.

She says criminals believe they can carry out brazen attacks on members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and citizens.

The Federation is pleading with its members to remain resolute but calm and tactful in the face of what they say is scorn, danger, ridicule and imminent threat.

Meanwhile, Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, says the attack on an active-duty officer is of great concern.

He says elements in the society determined to disrupt law and order and cause fear and panic will not be tolerated.

And, the Minister adds that the incident will not impair the fight against crime in Westmoreland.


One thought on “Police Federation & Security Minister Condemn Murder of Westmoreland Cop

  1. Mark Clarke

    Good morning Kalilah I have been an instrument engineer in the sugar industry for 22 years, I spent 15 years prior to this at SEPROD also. The sugar industry should have switched to co-generation from as early as the 1990s. We missed the boat Mauritius’ sugar industry did and restructured, but they had a mono crop sugar cane. For their survival they needed to switch and did we remained producing sugar and exporting to Britain and the US. We sold the industry mainly to the Chinese when the Indians who were already here offering technical support attempted to purchase sugar factories. The Chinese may be good at building roads and light rails but sugar they haven’t a clue. The Indians have a history and experience that counts, but still the Chinese built two boilers for cogeneration purpose at Monymusk and Frome neither have operated. The JPS didn’t give them a license to supply power to their grid. Glad to hear about Belize on Nationwide but Jamaica’s sugar industry is in a coma and on life support give workers financial transfers and allow the dignity to live out the rest of our lives in peace. Pull the plug and stop postponing the inevitable the patient cannot be revived.


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