Police & Gunmen Trade Bullets in Maverley on By-Election Day

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, is commending the Police for ensuring there was no serious escalation of violence in Maverley today.

There were tense moments in the vicinity of the Maverley Primary and Junior High School at approximately 11:00 this morning.

Police reports are several shots were fired when they had a confrontation with a wanted man.

PNP and JLP supporters ran for cover while at least seven shots were fired.

It’s not immediately clear whether the wanted man was shot during the confrontation.

Several JLP and PNP bigwigs, including Dr. Peter Phillips, Julian Robinson, Daryl Vaz and Dr. Horace Chang arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting.

The politicians spoke to their respective party supporters in a bid to restore calm.

The JLP Chairman and Security Minister also arrived on the scene about 30-minutes after the shooting.

He gave our news center an update on how events in the constituency went today.

In the meantime, the PNP Chairman and JLP General Secretary gave conflicting accounts of what transpired in Maverley today.

Dr. Chang says the shooting wasn’t politically motivated.

However, Mr. Jackson painted a different picture.

But Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, says information reaching her is that shots were fired during a confrontation between the Police and a wanted man.

She says the incident was handled promptly and didn’t interfere with the day’s activities.