Police Investigating Fuel Purchases at NSWMA

Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie, says an investigation into issues surrounding the purchasing of fuel at the National Solid Waste Management Authority, NSWMA, is now being conducted by the police.

Speaking at his post-Sectoral Debate press conference yesterday, Minister McKenzie said the findings from the investigation have contributed to the NSWMA being run more efficiently.

He says the authority is now recording savings of up to 60-percent.

In February, Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, Noel Arscott, called on the Auditor General to take an immediate and keen interest in the operations at the NSWMA and its subsidiary NEPM Waste Management Limited.

Mr. Arscott said there were issues surrounding the purchasing of spare parts, fuel and the awarding of contracts.

However, Minister McKenzie says the issues at the public cleansing agency did not start under the JLP-led administration.

He says the Auditor General initiated an investigation during Mr. Arscott’s tenure as Minister.

Meanwhile, the Local Government Minister says the NSWMA has submitted audited financial statements for the first time in 15 years.

Chairman of the NSWMA Board, Dennis Chung, says the audited statements will allow the board to make better decisions.

Mr. Chung says the records are updated to the year 2015. He says in a few weeks, the records will be fully up to date.