Police Investigating whether Brandon Murray was Subject of a Paid Hit

The Police say they’re investigating whether contract killers were responsible for murdering well-known businessman, Brandon Murray, yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Murray is a prominent football administrator who operated several businesses in Clarendon.

He was gunned down yesterday afternoon at the Mayfair Hotel in St. Andrew.

The Police are this afternoon appealing to anyone with information about the murder to tell them what they know.

Crime Officer for the St. Andrew Central Police, Deputy Superintendent Winston Hunt, says the Police have not yet identified a motive for the killing of the 48-year old businessman.

DSP Hunt say it’s a possibility that contract killers took Mr. Murray’s life.

Some associates say Murray had complained in recent weeks about attempts by gunmen who were demanding extortion fees in connection with a project he was doing to develop a football field in the Molynes Road area of St. Andrew.

DSP Hunt says it’s early days in the investigation. He says the Police are making enquiries about work Mr. Murray was carrying out at various locations.

Among those locations is another football fieldwork site in St. Ann.

Brandon Murray was attacked by two gunmen who alighted from a probox motorcar and pounced on him shortly after he went downstairs at the Mayfair Hotel in St. Andrew. He was shot approximately 15-times.

It’s believed the gunmen may have used an automatic weapon in the attack. Murray’s killing has been generating shock waves in sections of upper St. Andrew – including the business and sporting fraternity.


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