Police Kill ‘Duppy Flim’ Accomplice


A man who the Police say is an accomplice of the country’s most wanted man Marlon Perry was killed during a joint military operation this morning.

The operation which began in the predawn hours is ongoing and has yielded two firearms, an Uzi sub-machine gun and a 9mm Glock along with 32 rounds of ammunition.

Marlon Perry otherwise called ‘Duppy Flim’ is the country’s most wanted man.

He’s been on the run since December last year, after he was fingered as the main suspect in the killing of two Policemen, Corporal Kenneth Davis and Constable Craig Palmer on Poor Man’s Corner in St. Thomas.

This morning law enforcement engaged in a major operation in the hunt for Perry and members of his gang in Habour View, Kingston and other communities.

The Police say Perry and his men are heavily armed and dangerous.

Media Affairs Manager for the JDF Major Basil Jarrett says one of Perry’s accomplice was shot and killed while they were hot on the heels of the gang.

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Major Jarrett says another crony of Perry was also shot and injured during the incident. But Perry still remains at large.

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Major Jarrett is asking residents to cooperate with the heavy presence of soldiers and policemen in the area.

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In the meantime the Police High Command has increased the reward for anyone who can give reliable information leading to the arrest and charge of Marlon Perry.

The reward has been increased to $1.5-million.