Police Killings Up due to ‘Exaggerated Use of Force’; INDECOM

An ‘exaggerated’ use of force by the police has resulted in the deaths of several innocent civilians.

That’s according to Assistant Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, Hamish Campbell.

According to Campbell, one of the reasons the number of police killings has risen alarmingly this year, is that the police are sometimes using too much force.

Mr. Campbell says some 14-percent of those killed or injured by police this year, were shot during an accidental discharge or crossfire.

Several of those killed were older or middle-aged people. Three women and two children were also killed when police shot at vehicles that had already passed them.

Assistant Commissioner Campbell says some were also killed inside their homes when the bullets from the police’s high-powered rifles penetrated their houses.

He adds that the police need to exercise more control and discipline when firing these weapons.

INDECOM released its second quarterly report this week.