Police Making Progress in March Pen Mayhem


The police say they’ve collected several statements as they try to catch Spanish Town’s most feared gangsters.

The gangsters are believed to be responsible for the killing of five people, including three children, on Sunday in March Pen, St. Catherine.

Last evening, Marvin Campbell Senior, was named as a person of interest.

Campbell — who’s otherwise known as Fatman — is also wanted for a number of offences, ranging from incest to a recent triple murder.

Head of the Spanish Town Police, Senior Superintendent Anthony Powell, says a man purporting to be Marvin Campbell Sr. has made contact with law enforcement.

Yesterday, Campbell was given until noon today to turn himself in to the Spanish Town Criminal Investigation office.

But speaking with our news center this afternoon, SSP Powell says he’s still at large.

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At about 2:00 Sunday morning, gunmen invaded a premises at 7 March Pen Road in Spanish Town.

Two-year-old Koyandra Wynter, nine-year-old Revaughn Evans, 14-year-old Marvin Campbell Jr., 22-year-old Venisha Bartley, and 24-year-old Salesha Evans were shot and their bodies burnt.

Law enforcement sources say a battle for control of the Klansman gang may have motivated the killing.

It’s believed that a recently acquitted gangster, Andre Bryan, more popularly known as ‘Blackman’, is at war with Miller for control of the gang.

SSP Powell says gang violence is at play. But he’ll be updating Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams, before he speaks publicly on the issue of motive.

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In the meantime, the police are renewing their call for Miller to turn in himself.

Miller was listed as a person of interest on August 8 this year. He’s not reported to the police despite word from his attorney that efforts were being made to have him comply.

SSP Powell says the police are still interested in speaking to Tesha Miller.

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