Police Name Tambourine Army Co-Founder as ‘Person of Interest’

The police have listed co-founder of the Tambourine Army, Latoya Nugent, as a person of interest.

Ms. Nugent is arguably the most controversial and militant member of the activist group, formed in January to tackle gender-based violence.

She often uses expletives on social media in admonishing people whom she alleges have sexually abused children.

She’s been leading a campaign to encourage victims to name their abusers.

The firebrand activist is now being asked to turn herself in to the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Brach, CTOC.

Latoya Nugent posts on Facebook using the name Stella Gibson. She’s described herself as a feminist and a lesbian.

Ms. Nugent is one of the women who converged on the Nazareth Moravian Church in Manchester in January to protest child sexual abuse.

This, after news broke that 64-year-old Moravian Minister, Rupert Clarke, was charged with having sex with a minor.

She’s now infamous for using a Tambourine to assault, then president of the Moravian Church, Paul Gardner, who was also subsequently charged with carnal abuse.

But that’s not why the police are seeking her.

Head of CTOC, Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers, says she’s been accused of using a computer maliciously.

ACP Chambers says the police have visited location where Ms. Nugent is known to frequent, but she’s yet to be found.

It’s clear Ms. Nugent knows the police are after her.

She’s made a number of posts on Facebook, revealing this. But she’s maintained that she’ll not be intimidated; not be silenced; and that she’ll always stand with the survivors of abuse.


7 thoughts on “Police Name Tambourine Army Co-Founder as ‘Person of Interest’

  1. AleyaMusic

    Way to be objective guys. Certainly no loaded statements here. She uses expletives oh dear! She assaulted a pastor – who is a rapist but never mind – she ASSAULTED him with a tambourine!!! Heavens to Betsy!!! 😭😭 think of the delicate eyes that read those expletives! Think of the poor rapists being assaulted! Etc etc. Your journalism needs work, fam.

    1. Pete Nicely

      You just don’t get it! She provided a forum for victims to name their attacker. Problem is that anyone can go on that forum and name ANYBODY as a rapist. If you don’t see the inherent problem with that then you are beyond help!

      1. AleyaMusic

        Hmmm so “see something say something” don’t mean nothing again when every man in power with shady recreational activities is under threat. You can combat this movement with above- board tactics. The might of the government coming down on one person stinks of totalitarian intimidation tactics and has no place in a democracy that embraces free speech. Yes, the campaign lends itself to promoting hearsay and rumours. But I will let you know that more often than not, these stories are TRUE. This is the reality of being a woman in Jamaica and it’s about time that there is a pressure on men especially to be aware of their behaviour so as not to cause anyone to have reason to even harbour a grudge enough to “falsely accuse” them – if it is indeed false. How about that? But men know how to join ranks and tolerate the toxicity among them when someone tells their friends about a school girl they are seeing it’s all big ups, when you see street harassment it’s laughing and going about your business, when a colleague is being pursued inappropriately by a superior, its just batting about how she think she better than everybody. I’m tired for the concern for possible innocents over the concern for potential victims. These things can and should be investigated. I’m not all on board with tambourine army but see something, say something seem like a better way to deal with this epidemic – and it is an epidemic that has been happening through generations – than to ignore it make women suffer in silence the continued and normalized everyday aggressions of our rape culture. Better potential rapist uncomfortable than me.

        1. Pete Nicely

          “This is the reality of being a woman in Jamaica and it’s about time that there is a pressure on men especially to be aware of their behaviour so as not to cause anyone to have reason to even harbour a grudge enough to “falsely accuse” them – if it is indeed false.” Are you freaking serious? So the justification of a malicious false rape claim is that some how the behavior of men cause it? Has it ever occurred to you that a woman may harbor a grudge for simply not paying them attention(I have actually witness this happening) or in my case not responding to their flirtatious behavior by giving them the grade that they want? Thanks for reminding me yet again why I never get with feminism in its current manifestation. Somehow every argument you guys put forward comes down to women not being responsible for their own behavior because the patriarchy is to blame……

          1. AleyaMusic

            Women live under constant threat of rape in our society. Maybe if men live under constant threat of accusations we can enter a period of mutually assured destruction that forces a national addressing of these problems. The idea that a man being called a rapist is worse than a woman being raped is just like calling a white person racist when they dont think they did anything is supposed to be more offensive than racism itself. I am not all for this tambourine thing but if it is happening, its better than the nothing that was there before. I can care about the victims of false accusations AFTER the perpetrators of the real accusations have been dealt with. Sorry. Hurt male tears come after victims of actual rape. No apologies there. It sucks that people demonize others and might want vengeance by false accusations. That is horrible. And I hate people who do it. But statistics and studies show that more often than not allegations are true and serious when followed up on. So it go. Don’t get mad at women. Be mad at fellow men, sir. Redirect that anger at the people amongst you who brutalize anyone within reach. Because men are the majority perpetrators of violence of every kind against women AND men.

          2. Pete Nicely

            I get it! You hate men so much that you would not care about innocent men being falsely accused before actual rapists are caught and convicted. And I won’t even try to dispel you of your misandry which must be a heavy burden to bear, but that’s your responsibility. As I said earlier, in this regard you are beyond my help. But consider this; has it ever occurred to you that these false claims are actually making it more difficult for actual victims to be believed? It is for that reason why I myself (and I know I am not alone in this) am very skeptical whenever I hear a claim of rape or sexual assault, because I have gone through my own experience of being falsely accused of sexual impropriety simply because a student of mine did not like the grade I gave her (a grade which by the way she richly deserved). Ever since that experience unless the alleged victim is someone I know and can personally vouch for, I simply will not believe her (or him) unless I have supporting evidence or reason. Something for you to consider……. or don’t consider, I don’t care…..

    2. lazy2010

      Fragile Masculinity is a thing. These men can maim, rape and kill you but God forbid you call them out . You break up with a man and he wants to kill you and your entire family but as a woman you must sit down and accept it because you are hurting the big man’s feelings kmft

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