Police On the Hunt for Robbers Posing as Taxi Operators

The police are on the hunt for a crew of robbers posing as taxi operators.

This, after a young woman was abducted and robbed on her way home from school at the University of Technology, UTECH, last night.

The young woman, who we’re calling Sandra to protect her identity, says two men and one woman were involved as she shared her traumatic ordeal while speaking today on Cliff Hughes Online.

Sandra says the ordeal started at a little after 9 o’clock last night when a car posing as a taxi picked her up along with another student.

The young woman says she was placed on the floor of the taxi before they robbed her of her phone, money and other valuables.

Sandra says she was then thrown from the vehicle on Ashenheim Road, in the vicinity of Three Miles in St. Andrew. She says she was so traumatised after the incident that she almost rejected the help of a Good Samaritan.