Police Review Security Around Case Involving Coke’s

Nationwide News understands that the Police were earlier this week forced to review security arrangements for three alleged gangsters from Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston who are seeking bail.

The alleged gangsters are: Lanchester Coke, otherwise known as Bamma T, Leighton ‘Livity’ Coke and Christopher ‘Titty Man’ Coke.

Titty man is the son of Tivoli Gardens don, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, while Lanchester and Livity are Dudus’ brothers.

Supporters of the Cokes converged on the Corporate Area Gun Court on Wednesday, demanding that they be given bail.

Additional Police personnel were summoned to maintain order.

A decision on whether the Cokes are to be granted bail was delayed until Friday of next week.

It’s understood that the Presiding Judge in the bail hearing has also been given additional security.

The Cokes are accused of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, for the killing of a Denham Town-based gangster, Patrick Davis, in March.

Two other men and a woman from West Kingston who’s known as Ayesha Jones are facing similar charges.

Davis was abducted and killed on March 8, shortly after he visited Jones at a Corporate Area hotel.

His body was dumped in East Kingston.

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