Police say they’ve nothing to hide regarding murder at Attorney’s house last year.

The Police High Command is insisting it has nothing to hide in relation to the investigation of a murder last year at the home of well-known Attorney, Patrick Bailey.

Ten months ago, Bailey’s caretaker, 51-year-old Jermaine Junior’s body was found with multiple stabs and gunshot wounds.

He was found dead on the morning of September 30 at Bailey’s Upper St Andrew home.  Since the murder, no one has been taken into custody.

The Police have also not provided an update regarding whether there’s a suspect in the crime which shocked sections of Upper St. Andrew.

Investigators have also declined to comment publicly on word circulating in influential circles that the investigation has implicated a politician.

Assistant Police Commissioner in charge of the Criminal Investigation, CIB, Ealan Powell, is leading the investigation.



ACP Powell was answering questions yesterday during a media conference at the Office of the Police Commissioner.

It’s understood that the police are preparing a file for Director of the Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewelyn, to recommend how they should proceed.

A few days after the murder, the investigating officer, who was identified by the media as Detective Inspector Simpson, was quoted as saying Mr. Bailey is not a suspect.

Yesterday, ACP Powell declined to comment on that statement.  Mr. Bailey had reportedly told the police that he was sleeping at home when the murder happened.

The Assistant Commissioner says it’s not wise for the police to say, at this time, whether a suspect has been identified.