Police Step Up Investigation into Murder of Caymanas Bay ‘Area Leader’


The Police are intensifying their investigation into the murder of an area leader who was among four men executed in Caymanas Bay, St. Catherine.

Dead is Jerry Solomon, also called Jerry Dawg. Two other men known as Bobby and Seafood are among the dead. The other man remains unidentified.

Reports are residents reported hearing explosions and called the Police. The bodies of three men were found on the porch of a house in Caymanas Bay. A more extensive search was carried out and Mr. Solomon’s body was found inside the house.

Several 9-millimeter spent casings were found at the scene. Several live rounds, bullet fragments and three ‘molotov cocktail explosives were also seized. It’s believed that the men were executed because of an ongoing gang conflict in the area.

The Jones and the Tylum gangs are reportedly at war.

Head of Operations in the St Catherine South Police Division, Superintendent Leighton Gray, says the security forces are maintaining a strong presence in the community. He says the Police High Command is also seeking to establish a permanent police post in the area.

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The Police believe the same conflict may have resulted in the 2017 murder in Caymanas Bay of music produce,r Corey Jones, who’s otherwise known as Mineral Boss. His murder remains unsolved.