Police Warn Against Unlicensed Use of Fireworks

The Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, is reminding the public that a license is required to import pyrotechnic articles such as firecrackers, squibs and fireworks.

The JCF says anyone found trading in such goods without the required license shall be subject to prosecution and seizure of their goods.

It also says activating, discharging or throwing of firecrackers, squibs or other illegal fireworks in any public place is prohibited by section 3 of the Town and Communities Act.

Persons found committing any such offence are liable for prosecution.

The JCF says the use of these items is not only frightening but many members of the public find it difficult to differentiate between these explosions and that of firearms.

In the past, a number of houses have also reportedly caught fire as a result of illegal pyrotechnics.

These houses were either damaged or destroyed.


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