Police Sex Crimes Unit Warns Women Against Taking Public Passenger Vehicles


Detectives attached to the Constabulary’s Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, CISOCA, have issued an alert to females who utilize public passenger vehicles, PPVs.

The alert comes as the police’s sex crimes unit has received a number of reports in recent times in which females allege they were sexually assaulted by men who posed as drivers and/or passengers of unregistered taxis.

According to CISOCA, the incidents reported so far have occurred in the Corporate Area.

In light of this, persons are being reminded to remain vigilant when taking public passenger vehicles.

The police are advising members of the public that only established and reputable PPVs should be utilised.

Passengers are also being encouraged to ramp up their personal security by taking note of the license plate number of vehicles and sharing this information with a family member or trusted friend.

They’re also being encouraged to share a description of the motor vehicle as well taking note of any distinguishing marks or traits of the driver.

CISOCA says passengers should always be wary when PPVs stray from the designated route.

Meanwhile, the investigators are also urging persons who may have been victims of sexual assaults to report the incident to CISOCA by calling 8-7-6-9-2-6-4-0-7-9.

And, anyone with information that can assist investigators to nab the culprits is being asked to contact the CISOCA detectives or 311.

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