Political Analyst Calls PNP President “Politically Irrelevant” Amid Dismal Poll Numbers


Political Analyst Mark Wignall says the findings of the latest Nationwide/Bluedot poll on the performance of the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader suggest that PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips is politically irrelevant.

He’s questioning whether the findings favouring Prime Minister Andrew Holness are indicative of a change in the victory pattern for the parties.

Mark Wignal, Political Analyst and Nationwide Radio Host.

Meanwhile, Trade Unionist and Political Commentator, Helene Davis-Whyte, in agreeing with Mr Wignall, says as long as the poll numbers hold the PNP will have a hard time retaining a number of their seats in the next General Elections.

She says it’s crucial for Dr Phillips to work on improving his image if he’s to stand a chance at the polls.

This, as she notes that the Prime Minister has grown in his role.

Helene Davis Whyte, Trade Unionist and Political Commentator.

 Political Analyst, Kevin O’brien Chang says Holness’ likability is largely because he’s working.

He says the numbers are showing it’s not about Dr Phillips.

Meanwhile, Mr O’brien Chang says the recently launched PNP bus tour may be able to improve their odds.

Kevin O’brien Chang, Political Analyst.

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