Political Commentator Warns PNP Ultimatum Could Backfire

Political Commentator, Dr Paul Ashley, is warning the Opposition Peoples’ National Party, PNP, that it will commit political suicide if it follows through on a threat to end collaboration with the government.

On Monday, Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips, gave the Andrwew Holness-led administration an ultimatum, fire Dr Andrew Wheatley from the Cabinet or the Opposition might end collaboration inside and outside of Parliament.

The Opposition has been calling for Dr Whatley to be fired over the scandal that has exploded at the State-owned oil refinery, Petrojam.

Dr. Ashley says the PNP knows its losing traction and is trying to take advantage of an opportunity to get attention.

He says if the PNP pushes the Prime Minister too far, he may just call an election, which would be to the detriment of the Opposition.

In the meantime, Dr. Ashley is demanding more transparency from the Prime Minister on the Petrojam controversy.


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