Political Parties Condemn Violence in SE St Mary

Both political parties are condemning the recent violent attacks in the constituency of South East St. Mary.

In a statement yesterday, JLP General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang, says his latest communication with the police reveals no evidence that the shooting Saturday evening was politically motivated.

As a result, Dr. Chang says he cannot responsibly label the incident as a political shooting. He says this is a police matter and the police should investigate and bring to justice anyone who breaks the law. He says no one should be allowed to use the by-election as cover for criminality.

Dr. Chang also says the JLP recently had very fruitful discussions with the Political Ombudsman and is keen on keeping its campaign clean and aligned with the terms agreed upon by both political parties.

And, the People’s National Party, PNP, is calling on Police Commissioner, George Quallo to take immediate steps to stem the growing incidents of what they say are politically motivated violence in parts of South East St. Mary.

In a statement on Saturday, the PNP says there are reports of violence and rampant intimidation and more than three vicious attacks on Party volunteers over the past week.

They say at least two PNP party workers have had to seek medical attention after they were brutally attacked and seriously wounded.

The PNP Secretariat says they’ve received information suggesting that the situation in Enfield and Lewis Store is becoming belligerent.

Enfield is known as a pre-dominantly PNP area.

The party says its supporters have been reporting that they’ve been verbally threatened and subjected to intimidation while carrying out their lawful business.

The By-election to select a new MP for the constituency is to be held next Monday.

And Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown, says she’s still concerned that the two shootings in South East St. Mary on Saturday could be politically motivated.

She says the police must ensure there is no escalation until they have a definitive answer.