Popular former Hampton-Munro Teacher Killed Controversially

The Police have launched a high level investigation into the controversial killing of a popular former Teacher at Hampton and Munro College, Haile Clacken.

The 36-year-old was shot dead by a Guardsman Security Officer in St. Elizabeth on Friday.

His killing has generated outrage in parts of St. Elizabeth where the literature teacher was well known.

Reports are that Mr. Clacken had hopped unto the Guardsman Armoured Truck at approximately 4:00 pm. A tussle ensued and he fell to the ground.

Alleged eye witnessed say while on the ground the injured Teacher begged for his life.

The alleged eyewitnesses wrote on social media that Mr. Clacken was told to turn his face in the direction of the Security Guard’s gun and shot in the face. He died on the spot.

Clacken was reportedly on medication for bi-polar disorder

Guardsman says the Security Guard at the Centre of the killing has been take off frontline duty.

The company says an investigation into the shooting is underway.

A number of residents surrounded the Guardsman Truck and vented their at what they described as a senseless killing.

The Police had to intervened to allow the Guardsman personnel to drive their truck from the scene.

Over the weekend several past students of Hampton and Munro expressed shock at the killing of Clacken.

Among them, State Minister of Education and MP for South West St. Elizabeth, Floyd Green.

Green, who’s a past student of Munro, wrote that the former Teacher was his first and longest best friend.

He says Mr. Clacken was an amazing soul who was excellent at his craft.

The State Minister described the controversial killing as “a dark day”.

Clacken was described by other past students as a brilliant Teacher with a phenomenal appetite for wisdom.

Haile Clacken was the son of former PNP Councillor/Caretaker, Tony Clacken.

On the weekend, Former PNP President and Opposition Leader, Portia Simpson Miller said she’s saddened and is praying for Clacken’s family, especially his parents Comrades Lilieth and Tony Clacken.

The former Teacher also leaves behind an eight-year-old son.

Two weeks before he met his demise, in a Facebook post, Mr. Clacken wrote – “a human should only be killed when it’s absolutely necessary”.

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