Port Royal Welcomes First Cruise Ship


The Port Royal Pier welcomed its first cruise ship this morning.

The ship, the Marella Discovery II arrived at 7 with some two thousand tourists on board.

Over the weekend, the Port Authority of Jamaica, PAJ, was busy adding the finishing touches to the pier.

The PAJ says the pier will not operate strictly as a point of entrance and exit.

It says there’ll be retail shops and restaurants by the pier.

The Port Royal Development, which has been years in the making, aims to bring much-needed cruise shipping and tourism back to Kingston.

Head of the PAJ, Professor Gordon Shirley, says several vessels have already expressed interest in docking at the Pier.

He says the aim of the development is to enhance the historic value of Port Royal and to improve Kingston, which he describes as the cultural gateway to the Caribbean. 

Professor Shirley is also seeking to allay fears that the development will negatively impact the environment.

Professor Gordon Shirley, Head of the Port Authority of Jamaica, speaking with Nationwide News, during a media tour of the Port Royal Pier today. 

He says the development will also see the construction of a much-needed sewage system which will facilitate the entire Port Royal community. 

Some $US45million has been budgeted for the project and Professor Shirley says the plan is to not spend a penny more. 

In the meantime, Professor Shirley is assuring the nation that the facility will be safe and free from those who seek to harass tourists. 

But, he says the local residents and their needs will be facilitated. 

He says the facility is just a first in several development projects in Port Royal. 

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One thought on “Port Royal Welcomes First Cruise Ship

  1. Sydoine Jeannite

    Thank you for keeping us up to to date My favorite Media Station. Port Royal came alive yesterday. I remember over a decade ago they tried to have the return of cruise ship to Kingston. I was asked to Part of the TEAM as a Tour Guide Leader for French. We went to Devon House, Kingston Craft Market , Port Royal, etc… The people were very friendly but the sites were Visitors friendly at the time.

    I am very delighted to see the New look of Port Royal and many Part of the Country as a whole and I know greater things are ahead of us if the people of Jamaica continue to elect the right leaders in Government.

    Hi Cliff the great Icon Journalist and your entire crew,. My radios in my Car and in my house have been stuck on 90.7 FM and I am addicted to Nation because I have found that all the programs are excellent and second to none and very balanced for the public consumption. I have limited time but I have to listen to Nation wide daily to be better informed.

    I particularly like to see all views to contend and I have always noticed when some people try to disguise the truth and you always bring them back to book. . Good Job Keep it up my family.

    Rev. S. Jeannite , PhD.( Cand), JP, MSc.Ed, MCCC, BA, (Hons) BTh., Dip.Ed


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