Portia Plays Gender Card; Takes on Critics

PNP President, Portia Simpson-Miller, says it should be considered whether persons calling for her resignation following the PNP’s February 25 General Election defeat are doing so because she’s a woman.

Mrs. Simpson Miller is insisting that the PNP is united despite the shock of its February 25 General Election defeat.

The PNP President is hitting back at her critics and suggesting that gender bias may be at play.

Mrs. Simpson Miller says it should be considered whether those calling for her to step aside are doing so because of her gender.

Simpson Miller has been under fire from some members of the PNP who say her abysmal stewardship over the 4-years in which she was Prime Minister was a main contributor to the former PNP-administration serving only one term for the first time in its 78 year old history.

70-year old Simpson Miller on February 25 also became the first PNP President to call 2-national elections and lose.

Some of Simpson Miller’s critics inside and outside of the PNP have said she must account for her evasive leadership style and her controversial failure to take part in the pre-election debate.

PNP insiders have also criticized Simpson Miller for failing to quickly cauterize issues including the Outameni-controversy, the Azan shop affair, the bad gas saga and the dead babies scandal which rocked her administration.

Simpson Miller was in attendance at Sunday’s fiery meeting of the PNP’s powerful National Executive Council, NEC – where one of her chief lieutenants Paul Burke came under fire for his management of the PNP secretariat.

Our sources say Burke was accused of incompetence by PNP elder KD Knight.

Mrs. Simpson Miller is moving to play down reports of current discord in the PNP.

Mrs. Simpson Miller was addressing media personnel at the party’s Old Hope Road Headquarters yesterday.

And Mrs. Simpson-Miller says it’s not necessary for her to check whether her staff received interview requests while she was Prime Minister and did not turn it over to her because she’s sure that did not transpire.

Mrs. Simpson Miller shocked sections of the media fraternity last week when she told Emily Shields that she did not grant a one-and-one interview during her 4-years as Prime Minister because she was not asked.

Several media houses have reported that formal requests to interview Mrs. Simpson Miller were sent to the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Press Association of Jamaica also expressed concern regarding Mrs. Simpson Miller’s statement.

The former Prime Minister dismissed the suggestion when questioned whether she conducted checks to ascertain whether her staff received interview requests but did not pass them on to her.

Mrs. Simpson Miller says she has never refused an interview request when Journalists approached her at parliament.

The former Prime Minister says she’s sticking by her assertion that she did not grant a one-and-one interview during her tenure at Jamaica House because she was not asked.

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One thought on “Portia Plays Gender Card; Takes on Critics

  1. Scott

    This whimpish response rings hallow and will only serve to further alienate Jamaicans from the political process, given the comedic actions of the JLP led government thus far.

    Who will stand up and give direction to this noble movement that has given this nation some of the finest minds throughout our young democracy? Playing the gender card is hilarious. It is just factual that the leader allowed herself to be manipulated by her handlers to the point where she can no longer offer any reasoned view on issues pertinent to the party or the nation.

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