Portmore Teen Brutally Murdered After Reportedly Feeling Unsafe in Taxi

A 17-year-old girl, Ariell Lawrence, was brutally killed early yesterday morning in Portmore, St. Catherine.

The body of Ariell was found with several chop wounds.

It was found by the police yesterday morning on George Lee Boulevard in Portmore. Her killing has left her mother, Donnette Brooks, with many questions.

The initial theory is that she was killed by a taxi driver.

Ariell reportedly took a taxi from Portsmouth in Portmore heading to Spanish Town about 1 yesterday morning. She didn’t make it home.

Ariell was celebrating her 17th birthday with a friend Monday night. Her mother, Donnette Brooks, says she’d celebrated with relatives on Sunday at a family dinner but wanted to go out Monday night. Ms. Brooks says she approved after Ariell told her she was going out to dinner with friends.

However, Ariell changed her mind and decided to go to a skating rink in Portmore with a female friend. Ms. Brooks says when it got late Monday night and they didn’t hear from Ariell they started their own investigations.

She says they found out the skating rink wasn’t open on a Monday.

Ms. Brooks says when the girls realized the skating rink was closed, they went to Burger King to eat then went back to the friend’s home. Ariell wanted her nails to be polished.

Ms. Brooks says when Ariell was ready to leave it was past midnight.

She says while Ariell was trying to make it home she messaged the friend telling her she ‘didn’t feel safe’.

Miss Brooks says she was told the taxi her daughter was travelling in was heading to Half Way Tree.

The Police are investigating. They’ve questioned Ariell’s friend once, so far. The Police haven’t disclosed any early leads or motive for her killing.