Post-Sandz Traffic Pile-up Forces Flight Delays & Cancellations

There are major concerns this morning about access to one of the country’s two major international airports, after a massive traffic pile up along the Palisadoes strip yesterday evening reportedly caused flights to be delayed and even cancelled.

Several airline passengers and flight crew were stranded on the road heading to the Norman Manley International airport for as long as five hours.

The pileup started from as early as 5:00 yesterday afternoon, as partygoers headed to the popular New Year’s event, Sandz.

In videos posted on social media last evening, cars could be seen at a standstill, taking up four lanes all in one direction.

The Palisadoes Road only has two lanes, one each for traffic from both directions, plus the soft shoulders on either side.

Traffic could be seen from Carib Cement on Michael Manley Boulevard all the way to the airport roundabout.

Some persons could be seen walking with their luggage as they tried to catch their flights. Others chartered bikes.

Parents and their children could be seen on motorcycles with suitcases on their heads.

In one video posted to YouTube, someone stuck in the traffic expressed that patrons from the news years event were partying on the strip causing even more chaos.

Several persons expressed their frustration on social media last night.

One passenger Marc Richards said ” Just did my first 5k on the Palisadoes strip…with my laptop bag, carry-on and checked bag in tow. At least I made my flight. Thank #Sandz”

Others questioned how the promoter got a permit for the event, and why the police apparently weren’t there to direct traffic.


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