‘Powell Must Never Own Another Firearm’ – Chuck


Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says the firearm license granted to businessman, Patrick Powell, should be revoked.

Powell was freed yesterday in the Home Circuit Court. He was accused of murdering 17 year old Khajeel Mais in 2011.

He was also freed on the charge of shooting with intent.

Police reported that Mr. Powell refused to hand over his licensed firearm for testing when was he taken into custody.

He’s to appear in the Parish Court to answer to the charge of failing to hand over his firearm to investigators for inspection.

The Justice Minister says the businessman should not be granted another firearm license.

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He’s also expressing surprise that the matter of the failure to hand over the firearm has not been resolved in court.

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2 thoughts on “‘Powell Must Never Own Another Firearm’ – Chuck

  1. Free Jamaica

    My question to Mr Chuck is why was the gun issue not deal that with before the murder trial since there was no reliable evidence in the murder trial and the only thing that could convict the accused was the ballistic on the gun. The witness the prosecution was depending on is one who hit a man’s car and ran away from the scene of the accident which shows his character. The deported, police, you are the experts who are supposed to put the best case forward and you opted for the weakest case. If he was acquired of the murder then the gun case is not an issue because he should not have to hand in his gun if he is innocent

  2. tyadadisnow

    A few thoughts:
    1. if a person has refused to hand over a firearm, the licence should be immediately revoked.
    2. If a person refuse to hand over a firearm, and that person is charged with firearm related crime – e.g. murder, shooting with intent, etc., then that person should be sent to prison and fined AT the Maximum that charge would carry.

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