Prime Minister has High Expectations for Housing Market


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he’s confident that measures he announced in Parliament this week will not have a negative impact on the National Housing Trust (NHT).

Mr. Holness was addressing a groundbreaking ceremony on Lady Musgrave Road in St. Andrew.

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During his contribution to the budget debate on Tuesday, the Prime Minister announced a $1-million increase in the NHT loan limit. He also announced a 1-percent point decline in NHT interest rates.

Prime Minister Holness says the measures are a sign of his administration’s determination to make it increasingly easier for Jamaicans to own a home.

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Prime Minister Holness says the intergenerational mortgage plan he announced this week is based on conversations he’s had with several senior citizens.

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And Mr. Holness says he has high expectations for the impact which the abolition of the transfer tax will have on people who want to own their own home

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