Prime Minister Holness Stands Firm on Appointment of ‘Acting’ Chief Justice

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is hitting back at critics of his appointment of Justice Bryan Sykes as the country’s acting Chief Justice.

The Prime Minister is also hitting back at members of the legal fraternity who’ve argued that his reason for not immediately making Justice Sykes permanent could be an indicator that he’s prepared to interfere with the operations of the judicial arm of the state.

The Prime Minister’s comment yesterday that he’s waiting to see whether Justice Sykes performs well before making Sykes permanent in the job has drawn backlash from sections of the legal fraternity.

The critics have argued that Holness is trampling on the principle of separation of powers between the 3 arms of the state.

Prime Minister Holness responded to his critics this afternoon during a tour of the Denham Town zone of special operations in West Kingston.

The Prime Minister was asked why has be put Bryan Sykes on probation.

Mr. Holness says he’s no way seeking to interfere with the operations of the country’s Judicial system or hold Bryan Sykes to ransom.

Mr. Holness argued that accountability must be had from all sectors of society including the Justice system.

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