Prime Minister Stands Firm on Heroes Circle Redevelopment Plan

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government will not back down from its plan to redevelop the area around National Heroes Park in Central Kingston despite what he says is a political attempt to block the initiative.

During a recent RJR/Gleaner Group town hall meeting aired on Television Jamaica – some stakeholders, including community members and Central Kingston MP, Ronald Thwaites, blasted the Holness administration for not consulting with them about the Heroes Park re-development project.

Prime Minister Holness was asked today by TVJ news when will the people of the area be consulted.

Mr. Holness said there’ve been consultations and there’ll be more.

Prime Minister Holness says Jamaica should set aside politics when considering national projects such as the Heroes Park redevelopment initiative.

He says he firmly believes that it’s in the best interest of Jamaica that the Heroes Park area be developed.

Mr. Holness urged the people of Central Kingston to consider who’s looking out for their best interest.


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