Prisoners Escape Trinidad Prison

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has issued a public appeal for help in finding two prisoners who escaped from the Port of Spain Prison today.

The men are Hassan Atwell and Christopher Selby.

A third prisoner, Allan “Scanny” Martin, was killed by police near the Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

Reports are that about a dozen heavily armed men attempted to break the men out of the prison.

They were resisted by police personnel and a shoot out ensued.

One policeman was shot and killed in the incident.

Today’s incident caused a disruption to businesses and a pile up of traffic as staff who were sent home by fearful employers, sought to get out of the capital.

The escapees reportedly made off in a black Nissan Navara.

The vehicle was chased by the police and eventually crashed near the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Nationwide News has learnt from a source in Trinidad that the escapees are charged in connection with the high profile murder of businesswoman, Vindra Naipaul-Coolman.

A state prosecutor investigating the Coolman case, Dana Seetahal, was assassinated in May last year.