Professor Brands JTA’s Call for PEP Postponement ‘Irresponsible’


Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Education and Training on the Logistics Hub Taskforce, Professor Fritz Pinnock, says newly-installed Jamaica Teacher’s Association President, Dr. Garth Anderson’s call for the Primary Exit Profile, PEP, to be postponed is irresponsible.

Dr Anderson told the just-concluded JTA 54th annual conference that PEP, which is scheduled to replace the Grade Six Achievement Test, GSAT, in the upcoming academic year, is destined for failure.

According to Anderson, most teachers aren’t ready to administer the latest version of the country’s primary school-leaving test.

However, Professor Pinnock disagrees with the JTA president. He says Dr. Anderson’s remarks are irresponsible.

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Professor Pinnock, who’s also the President of the Caribbean Maritime University, says teachers need to work on getting up to speed to administer the PEP curriculum.

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He says GSAT is not conducive to modern realities.

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And, Professor Pinnock says PEP will help to develop students who’ll be equipped to solve problems in the real world and the workplace.

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