Prominent Banker to Lead OCR-CDA Merger Team

A banker, Michael McAnuff-Jones, has been selected to chair the committee that will lead the merger of the Child Development Agency, CDA, and the Office of the Children’s Registry, OCR.

Youth Minister Floyd Green made the announcement while speaking this afternoon with nationwide News.

He says the board is to also include persons selected from both agencies as well as other specialists from the child care sector.

And the Minister says he’s received the report he requested from both agencies on their handling of a child abuse case involving a seven year old girl.

The Minister on Tuesday announced the merger of the agencies, after their effectiveness came into question.

This after Nationwide News reported the case of the 7-year old girl being sexually molested.

Both agencies admitted they received the report between August and September last year. But up to Tuesday afternoon, no intervention was made.

It was revealed that poor communication between both agencies played a factor in them failing to locate the child.


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