Promising Principal Considering Job Abroad

The Principal of Padmore Primary School in St. Andrew, Keisha Hayles, says she’s considering accepting a job offer overseas.

Ms. Hayles received plaudits last year after transforming the school, which was about to be closed, into one of the country’s top performers in the Grade Six Achievement Test, GSAT. But despite the achievement, she says she’s frustrated that the school continues to be neglected.

Principal Hayles and Padmore Primary were one of the country’s favourite success stories last year.

Thanks to the dedication of its teaching staff, the school’s stunning transformation saw dozens of parents flocking to register their children for the 2015/16 school year.

But Padmore may now be on the verge of losing their beloved Principal.

Ms. Hayles says she’s received several offers to help other countries transform failing schools.

The Principal says migration is tempting and she’s seriously considering some of the offers.

Ms. Hayles says she’s now broke because of the personal financial sacrifice she has had to make to keep the doors of Padmore open.

She says despite several promises and pledges from the government and private sector last year to help the school, very little has materialized.