Promotions are Imminent, says DCP Grant

Police Commissioner, George Quallo, is to promote some members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, in short order.

That’s the word from Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Administration in the JCF, Novelette Grant.

She gave the indication in an interview last evening on Nationwide @5.

She says Commissioner Quallo requested the document concerning promotions last week.

DCP Grant says there are currently 60 vacancies for Sergeants, 108 for Corporals, over 100 for Inspectors, 25 for Deputy Superintendents and about 12 for Superintendents.

Her indication that there’ll likely be some promotions soon comes as members of the JCF are said to be demotivated and demoralized due to several issues including the lack of promotions.

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, has pressed the JCF to address demotivation within the Force, by promoting its members to fill nearly 400 vacant posts.

He’s demanded that Commissioner Quallo and the Professor Gordon Shirley-led Police Service Commission promote officers who deserve to be promoted, or explain why they aren’t promoted.