Pryce, Buchanan Facing Internal Challenges in Their Constituencies

There are growing tensions among PNP factions in Raymond Pryce’s North East St. Elizabeth constituency and Hugh Buchanan’s South West St. Elizabeth.

In North East St. Elizabeth, a well known businessman in the PNP constituency organization, Evon Redman, is accusing Mr Pryce, the MP, of creating trouble in the area.

Mr Redman says he wants to challenge Mr Pryce for the right to represent the PNP in constituency in the next General Election.

Evon Redman, businessman and member of the governing People’s National Party speaking with Nationwide News.

A number of calls placed this afternoon to Mr. Pryce’s mobile phone were not answered.

Mr. Pryce is also a Deputy General Secretary of the PNP and a loyalist of President, Portia Simpson Miller.

MEANWHILE, there are also tensions in South West St. Elizabeth where Hugh Buchanan is MP.

It’s understood that he’s facing opposition from influential PNP supporters who are dissatisfied with his performance.

PNP President, Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, met with the constituency executives of all four seats in St. Elizabeth yesterday in an effort to assess the state of the party organization across the parish.

Sources at the meeting tell Nationwide News that Mrs Simpson Miller was made aware of the internal rifts affecting the constituencies of Pryce and Buchanan and to a lesser extent Richard Parchment’s South East Elizabeth.

One thought on “Pryce, Buchanan Facing Internal Challenges in Their Constituencies

  1. Bobby Sharpe

    In Raymond Pryce’s case, his constituents see him as “twisted sexually” & even though he does his job, that discomfort/rejection/feeling of disrespect for Jamaican Culture/Standards, exist amongst the comrades…Worse with the Obama interference. In Buchanan’s case, it was never about him, it was about the “name”…Eifert Daley was always the one chosen by the people…Unfortunately.he had a recent mishap that has derailed the public’s demand for him to represent the constituency…STRAIGHT Up…

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