PSOJ Calls on Govt to Fast-Track Divestment of Waste Management

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) is calling for the fast-tracking of the divestment of the country’s solid waste management operations in light of the recent fires at disposal sites across the country.

A section of the Riverton Dump in St. Andrew was engulfed in flames on Sunday in what the government views as a deliberate act of arson.

Just this morning, the Church Corner Dump in Morant Bay, St Thomas was also ablaze.

In a statement this afternoon, the PSOJ says this supports the view that the recent fires are deliberate acts of arson.

The PSOJ says the fire at the Church Corner Dump is the eleventh such incident in two months. It says $100-million is the cost estimated to extinguish the recorded fires so far this year.

The PSOJ says the frequency supports the view that the recent fires are deliberate acts of arson. It says the exorbitant expense of these fires and the impact on the environment and the productive sector are unacceptable.

The PSOJ is urging Jamaicans with any information to support an investigation into the issue.

It says its concerns also extend to the lives of those who live and work near these dumps who suffer from respiratory illnesses and other issues.

The PSOJ says it’s shocked the country seems incapable to effect the divestment or proper management of the nation’s solid waste management facilities across successive regimes. It’s calling for a fast-tracking of the divestment of the dump and the rehabilitation of the communities existing around them.


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