‘Quallo More Fit for The Church’ – Renato Adams

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Reneto Adams, says he believes George Quallo is more ‘suited for the Church’ than the job of Police Commissioner.

His assessment is piling more pressure on Commissioner Quallo, who is facing increasing criticism over his leadership of the Constabulary Force since his appointment in April.

Mr. Adams says he saw more action from Mr. Quallo before he became Police Commissioner.

Mr. Adams says he’s good friends with Commissioner Quallo. But in an interview Monday morning with Cliff Hughes, he said he’s seen ‘no action’ from him since his appointment five months ago.

The controversial former police officer says the job of Commissioner demands stern and unwavering strength. He doesn’t seem to believe Mr. Quallo has that. He says Commissioner Quallo is more suited for the Church.

Mr. Adams says it doesn’t appear Commissioner Quallo is ready for the job.

Mr. Adams served the JCF for 41 years between 1967 and 2008.