Real Estate Agent involved in Braemar Brawl Denies Assaulting Security Guard


Real Estate Agent, Andrew Wollery, is denying that he and two men attacked a security guard inside a guard house at a housing complex on Braemar Avenue in St. Andrew.

A video of Mr. Wollery shooting the security guard shortly after he was attacked by the guard went viral on social media last week.

Allegations have since surfaced on Twitter and Facebook that Wollery had triggered the dispute by attacking the security guard inside a guard house prior to the shooting incident.

Mr. Wollery’s Attorney, Peter Champagnie, says that’s not true.

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Mr. Champagnie says he expected that the Police may seek the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions about whether the security guard who was shot and injured is to be charged for attacking Mr. Wollery.

The tape which went viral also showed Wollery being attacked by several security guards from King Alarm.

Mr. Champagnie says a decision will be made at a later date about whether Wollery will sue King Alarm or its agents.

Our sources say Wollery was questioned by the Police yesterday.
Mr. Champagnie says his client was asked to assist with the investigation.

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