Reduced Sentence a Christmas Present, says Convict’s Lawyer

‘That is really a Christmas present’

That’s the word from attorney, Anthony Williams, in reacting to the reduced sentence handed down in the high profile case against his client Phillip Brown.

Brown was among several others who benefited today from reduced sentences in the Supreme Court in downtown, Kingston.

The 36-year-old who pleaded guilty to killing his common-law wife, Kerry-ann Wilson, last year was handed a 15-year sentence at hard labour.

Nine other persons were sentenced today under the initiative including Lorna Williamson who stole a baby from the University Hospital of the West Indies last December.

Another four sentencing matters have been pushed back.

Justice Martin Gayle handed down the sentence against Brown this afternoon. He will be eligible for parole after serving 10-years.

Brown’s attorney, Anthony Williams told the court the matter involving his client is set on one of love beyond boundaries.

Last year, Brown killed Ms. Wilson then wrapped her body in a tarpaulin. He attempted to dispose the love of his life in a gully close to his apartment complex on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew.

Today, Mr. Williams made the revelation that Brown and Ms. Wilson made love hours before he killed her.

However, he says trauma, confusion and being overwhelmed by the fact that Ms. Wilson was pregnant for another man got the best of his client.

A number of other factors also led to Brown’s diminished capacity— that night he was smoking and drinking.

A sledge hammer was used to kill the woman.

Justice Gayle says the woman’s murder was a case of Brown not exercising self-control. He says Brown allowed his ’emotions to gallop and lead him into violent acts’

In contradicting the arguments of Brown’s attorney, Justice Gayle said ‘I don’t think you did dweet fi di love’.

Brown’s attorney believes his client was lucky to have benefited from sentence reduction day.

Meanwhile, in another high profile case, child stealer Lorna Williamson was spared a custodial sentence today.

Justice Gayle made a probation order for 3-years with psychiatric counselling.

Mrs. Williamson’s attorney, Carol Dacosta, says her client had gone through a traumatic experience which involved her being thrown out of her matrimonial home. This and other experiences she says led to her client stealing the baby.

An excellent social enquiry report expressing how much residents in her community admired her as a mother was another factor considered in the sentencing.

The woman who was noticeably tense throughout the proceedings and crying at moments left the court relieved.

A number of other persons who pleaded guilty for sexual offences, manslaughter and murder were also sentenced today.

One of the highly anticipated matters, more popularly known as the ‘Moncrieffe case’, has been pushed back to next year.

Twenty-six-year-old Omar Graham on sentence reduction day pleaded guilty to the murder of his former employer 77-year-old Barbara Moncrieffe in March.

He is also before the courts for three counts of wounding with intent in this case. He will be sentenced on January 30 next year.