Returning Residents Want Answers Regarding Recent Killings


President of the Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents, Percival Latouche, says the association is giving the Police Commissioner 14-days to respond to a letter asking for answers in three sets of killings.

In a letter dated yesterday, October 1, 2018 and addressed to Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, Mr. Latouche demanded that information be forthcoming on investigation of these murders.

Mr Latouche says while there are more matters to come he recalls the most recent case of Mr Jermaine Jones, a man found dead at the St Andrew residence of prominent Attorney, Patrick Bailey.

The other two cases concern returning resident and Windrush passenger, Millicent Clarke-Barrett, who was killed in St James last year, and Mr and Mrs Anderson who were killed in Portland and fleeced of millions of dollars this year.

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He says he finds the police unresponsive on these matters that are being closely watched by the US. He suggests there’s a level of bias in how the police are treating with these cases.

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He is urging the police to conduct a more fulsome investigation into these matters and arrest those responsible.

Mr Latouche insists there is video footage in at least two of the matters that could help the police probe.

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Percival Latouche, President of the Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents, speaking yesterday with Nationwide News.

Relatives of Millicent Clarke-Barrett, a returning resident of St James who was murdered last year in the parish, say they’ve written to Police Commissioner Anderson, seeking an update on the investigation.

They say the St James police have provided very few updates despite their many calls.

The family is also concerned that almost a year after their loved one was killed, her killer is still at large.

In response, ASP Dahlia Garrick of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, says a meeting was convened in September to update the Barretts on the murder.

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ASP Garrick says she’ll be making checks with the police task force for returning residents to ascertain the challenges being faced by investigators tasked with probing this and other related criminal investigations.

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ASP Garrick notes that the police task force for returning residents also drafted a returning residents’ guide. She says liaisons were also established in each parish to provide information to relatives on criminal matters.


One thought on “Returning Residents Want Answers Regarding Recent Killings

  1. Rodclif Barrett

    Too many lies, there was no meeting arranged with the Barrett family. Pure police lies to make out that they are actively investigating my mother’s murder. Twelve months no communication from the police, one meeting with Mr Latouche and we have my mother’s story on the news showing the cctv footage all of a sudden the police say they have a meeting with the family to update them. Lies, lies, lies.

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