Reviving Jamaica’s Dairy Industry

Four entities have formed a partnership to promote the consumption of locally produced milk and revive the country’s ailing dairy industry.

The four are CB Group-through Nutramix, Seprod Limited-through Serge Island, Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited and the Jamaica Dairy Development Board.

The partners have told the JIS that they have made the decision to collaborate, in the wake of a report that Jamaicans are consuming 50-percent less milk than recommended by the World Health Organization.

The partners are embarking on a campaign to increase the production and consumption of Jamaican milk over the next 10 years.

The campaign, to cost $10-million per annum, will also aim to reduce the country’s import bill for milk and milk substitutes, along with tackling unemployment.

One target of the campaign is to produce 20-million litres of milk annually, through a sustainable and self sufficient industry.

The partners aim to overhaul the dairy industry by introducing fundamentally different approaches to farming, processing and retailing to consumers.