Rift Between Lisa Hanna and PNP Supporters Intensifying


The rift between PNP supporters and their Member of Parliament of South East St. Ann, Youth and Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna, is intensifying.

On Tuesday, PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, confirmed that he had intervened in the dispute to resolve issues between PNP councilors in the constituency and MP Hanna.

But a former member of the PNP’s South East St. Ann constituency executive is this afternoon demanding the intervention of Prime Minister and PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller.

The former member of the PNP’s South East St. Ann constituency executive, Courtney Wallace, says comrades are vexed at the style of representation being given to the constituency by Lisa Hanna.

A number of calls placed this afternoon to Miss Hanna’s mobile phone went to voicemail.

Up to earlier this week the Youth and Culture Minister, who’s also chairman of the PNP’s Region 1, was off the island on Government business.

South East St. Ann is one of the PNP’s rural strongholds.

Mr. Wallace says a number of comrades in the constituency are fed up and are seeking the intervention of the Prime Minister and PNP President.

Mr. Wallace says on December 30, PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke convened a meeting between Miss Hanna, her councilors and angry comrades.

But he says things have not improved.

4 thoughts on “Rift Between Lisa Hanna and PNP Supporters Intensifying

  1. Jean Steir

    The allegations passed on by Courtney Wallace are absolutely not true. First, there is no rift between the MP and her supporters in South East St. Ann. To say that she has no support is gross mis-representation of her supporters and this kind of slander should not be allowed to go on.
    The MP is a very hardworking, straight forward woman who delivers what she promises, and is doing a whole lot for her constituency. Courtney Wallace must stop his lies.

  2. Jean Steir

    From a devoted Comrade. The things that Courtney Wallace came on the news and said yesterday couldn’t be further from the truth. Wallace is known for spreading propaganda and lies and also to disrupt the great progress Cde Hanna have been accomplishing. First of all, he is not a member of South East St. Ann’s executive, nor is he a group member so therefore, he would not have seen the CDF report that is submitted. We the comrades are behind the MP 100%. The others are in the minority. MP Hanna has been working so hard, doing all that she can, and still working. If Lisa goes, all of the comrades will go with her. And I close with these words: Jesus did everything on this earth to please us all, and they spit on him, gave him vinegar to drink and put nails in his arms and feet, and they nailed him to the cross, yet still he is here for us. That’s what they are doing with our MP. After all that she has done, this is the thanks that she is getting. Truth is what my MP deals with. Cde Lydia Morris

  3. Kerry Ann Brown

    I think people are really not use to having a Member of Parliament/Minister of Government that demands accountability and transparency and that is what governance requires in modern times.

  4. Andrew Simpson Miller

    Courtney Wallace sounds like he wants the MP to give him a half of the constituency development fund to administer.

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