‘Rise Up!’ UWI Professor Calls on African Descendants to Demand Reparations

Social History Professor, Verene Shepherd, is calling on blacks to rise up against the United Kingdom and demand reparation for slavery.

Professor Shepherd was expressing disgust at a tweet from the UK Treasury revealing millions of blacks helped to end the slave trade through their taxes.

Professor Shepherd says the tweet and the image that accompanied it were distasteful.

She says the revelation proves that the Caribbean Region was impoverished because so much money was extracted from our people in these taxes.

She says reparations for slavery is a right.

On February 9, the British government revealed in a tweet that citizens including several blacks were still paying off a 20-million pound loan it secured to compensate slave owners in the Caribbean, including Jamaica.

The tweet has since been removed.

Attorney-at-law, Lord Anthony Gifford, says the recent revelation by the UK Treasury is a major source of encouragement to the labours of the reparation movement.

Lord Anthony says he was shocked by the UK Treasury’s tweet.


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